When it comes to online marketing you will come to learn many new terms. Here, we are introducing you some common abbreviations that are frequently used in internet marketing. PPC is an online marketing tool, which is used to price online advertisements. PPC stands for Pay per Click, a sponsored online marketing, which is used in a great range of websites, consisting search engines, where the advertiser pays to the web user if he/she clicks on their ads. It is a cost-effective method of generating traffic on the websites by making site noticeable among the audience with the help of ads. In short, we can say that PPC is a paid marketing.

As per a survey we came to know that a searchers click on paid ads more than any other type of digital advertising. Google has also ensured that these PPC ads mostly meet the user’s needs. Well, it is the best option for the advertisers too, as it allows them to put their message in front of the audience who is actively searching out their product. The main goal of using this advertising technique is to get in front of the searchers who are seeking for what you are offering to them. It includes strategic bidding, keyword research, and compelling ad copy just to get the click. The maximum clicks on ads means the more traffic at your site.

Another common term that is used in online marketing is CPM, which stands for Cost per Million. This term is used to indicate the actual price of million advertisement impressions on a single web page. For an instance, if a publishers charge $5 CPM from the web user, then it means the advertiser has to pay $5 for each impression of its ads.  It is also known as Cost per Milli. Here, you set a CPM bids in order to tell Google that what amount of money you are going to pay for a set of impressions. This is the best online marketing tool for those individuals who mainly focus on the brand awareness. It is calculated by dividing the price of an advertising placement by the number of impressions. The main aim of using this technique is to make comparison between the costs of advertising campaigns with different media.

Cost per Action (CPA) is another major term, which is also known as Pay per Action.  It is basically an advertising pricing model which indicates that the advertiser have to pay for every specified action. They will be charged for every single action they perform such that a click, an impression, newsletter sign up, etc. Cost per Action is measured by dividing the cost by the number of acquisitions. Here at MNC Network Solutions, our aim is to make your quality score high as high quality score has great impact on Cost per Action.

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